ATTENTION: Ideas for your living room centerpiece

Every great living room has a statement piece. Something that quite simply grabs your guests by the throat and forcefully catches their gaze. I like to call these ornaments "attention whores". Here are a few ideas for these centers of attention.


The image below is quite simply just great. But don't think the statue needs to be as 'modern' as the KAWS figurine you see here, a marble statue in an ancient Greek style can work just as well! Also, by no means does it need to be this big. Sure, the bigger it is, the better it will grab attention, but for most of our living rooms, 'just' a bust on top of a table or bookshelf can look tremendous.

Image: D3 Design Studio

Eye catching furniture, lighting, architecture, or view

You might not even need a separate ornament to work as an attention grabber if you have a piece of furniture, or lighting that is attention grabbing enough by itself. These pieces will work as a 2-in-1 deal! If you're really lucky, your home might have a great view or some special piece of architecture built in that does the job. As you can see, the room below needs no dedicated attention grabber, simply because the architecture does that by itself.

Image: Jeffrey Tanate


Any kind of plant could be used here, as long as it is big enough to be the statement piece of a room. However, cactuses are generally seen as the most masculine of plants. They are also usually the easiest plants to keep alive, so we definitely recommend to use cactuses here.

Image: Oleksii Samokhvalov

Wall art

You knew it was coming. Wall art is simply the easiest, not much thought required, method to installing an attention grabber in your living room. What works especially well, for the purpose of an attention grabber, is a collection of 2+ pieces of wall art, all with the same theme. At PERCEPT we create wall art that is specifically designed for masculine spaces. We invite you to have a browse through our site and explore our currently available wall art collections.

Image: One Tone Architects

Honestly just any object of interest

Really though, the attention grabber in your living room can be any object of interest. Anything from plane propellers, bicycles, or motorbikes to telescopes and maps. Just make sure it's something you like, that's the most important part. Bonus points if it is big and heavy.