Creating a Space That Invokes Power & Strength - Color Combinations

When it comes to creating a space that invokes power and strength, many people forget about an important aspect - color! Color can be a powerful tool to create a space that radiates power and strength. So if you're looking to make your bachelor pad look like a palace of power, here are some of the best colors you should use.

The boldness of black

Black is a color that exudes power and strength. While using too much black can make your room feel dark and oppressive, using it strategically can create an atmosphere of masculine sophistication. Try adding some black furniture pieces like chairs or couches or even painting one wall black for an edgy feel. You can also use black as an accent color by adding art pieces in black frames or throwing in some black pillows for texture. To browse our collections of masculine wall art, click here.

Image: OneTone Architects

Trigger security with brown

Brown is a strong, earthy color that can make your bachelor pad feel secure and comforting. It's also versatile enough to mix and match with other colors in the room. Try using brown leather furniture pieces or adding some wood accents to create an inviting atmosphere. You can also use shades of tan or beige for lighter touches without sacrificing the appearance of strength.

Image: Anastasiia Zharkova

Bring balance with shades of grey

Grey is a neutral color that can easily be used to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It's perfect for any bachelor pad as it will go with almost anything you already own. Use shades of greys in your furniture, carpets, curtains, and walls to create a comfortable yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Image: Konstantin Kildinov

Stick to just one supplementary color

The key to creating a masculine atmosphere in your home is to limit the amount of accent colors. Either use none at all, or stick to just one color. Use that color throughout the room on furniture, lighting, curtains and cushions. The accent color should be the star of the show, so use it sparingly to create the desired effect. 

Image: Igor Sirotov

When it comes to creating a space that invokes power and strength, colors play an integral role! So don't be afraid to get creative with colors. With the right color combinations, you’ll be able to create a space that speaks volumes about who you are, as well as what kind of energy you want in your home.