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"Every addition to true knowledge is an addition to human power."
- Horace Mann
NOTE: Premium Frame variant is currently only available to US, Canada, EU, & UK based customers. 


Elevate your decor with our 'Addition' canvas art piece, a unique representation of life as a plus-sum game. Featuring a rustic statue with a plus symbol painted across its face, this high-grade artwork is more than just art – it’s a statement.

Imprinted on robust, eco-friendly woven canvas, 'Addition' emanates a strong, masculine aura, making it a perfect fit for those seeking distinguished masculine art. Professionally gallery-wrapped over 1.5" (3.8cm) solid wood stretcher bars, this piece offers depth and substance. Mounting brackets included

Opt for our Premium Frame variant for an added level of refinement. Encased within a high-quality pine frame, the art seems to hover within, creating an intriguing visual illusion. 'Addition' is not just masculine art, but a powerful reflection of life's abundant possibilities.