Richness in Poverty

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"Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor."
- James Baldwin
NOTE: Premium Frame variant is currently only available to US, Canada, EU, & UK based customers. 


Discover 'Richness in Poverty', an expressive piece in our masculine art collection. This premium canvas art transcends the usual, presenting a striking black and white representation of an impoverished neighborhood, its walls narrating stories through graffiti. The piece embodies the paradox of finding wealth within poverty and vice versa, a poignant illustration of the balance between yin and yang. Printed on robust, eco-friendly woven canvas, this masculine art piece makes a compelling statement.

This museum-quality masterpiece is wrapped by hand over 1.5" (3.8cm) deep solid wood stretcher bars, bringing a substantial, sturdy feel that's integral to our masculine art offerings. Mounting brackets included.

By choosing the Premium Frame variant, you'll enhance the overall aesthetics of your masculine art piece. The high-quality pine tree frame perfectly matches the art, which is slightly inset to create the mesmerizing effect of the artwork appearing to float within the frame. 'Richness in Poverty' serves not just as a statement piece for your space, but a thought-provoking discussion starter about societal contrasts.